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 Sorry, but we have a temporary moratorium in place for new rental checkouts.  If you haven't already done a checkout and rental with us, or aren't one of our graduates, we won't be able to rent to you for the time being.  We're too busy with what's on our plate now.  Consider joining our Sailing Club instead.   If you want to be notified when the moratorium is lifted, send us an email.

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Rental rates appear further below, but read the following first...

If you're a graduate of our school: just contact us to arrange a rental.
If you're not, then please see the notice on top.


Try out our spiffy Beneteau First 21.0's, Tanzer 22 Pearson 26.  Beneteaus have no engines; all others do.  All boats available for half and full day rentals, and those with engines are available for overnights..  All boats have fixed mount or hand-held VHF radios; boats with engines have porta pottis or heads.

To rent our boats, you must be able to demonstrate ability to read a chart, rig the boat, and sail it (and use the engine if applicable).   This is done with a one-time rental checkout for anyone who has not taken a sailing course with us which costs $90, pass or fail.  There are no exceptions to the rental checkout. ASA/US Sailing Certification, foreign sailing license, US Coast Guard license, and/or boat ownership, etc.  do not waive the checkout.  We don't want to hear it.  We want to see you sail.

If you're a solid sailor, and close to passing the checkout, but need to work on a particular skill before we can pass you, we'll work with you to achieve this.  If you sail well but are weak on charts, we'll keep you on a tight leash the first time or two until you can demonstrate better chart reading skills.  If you're not close enough, you won't pass and we'll politely, but firmly, tell you why, and what we think you should do to bring your skills up to the level we need to see.

It's not uncommon for people to fail the checkout, even for experienced sailors.  Not everyone has the same training or types of sailing experiences.

What we do in the checkout

First, we collect the checkout fee of $90 cash.  This is not refundable.

Our boats are on moorings, and we take you out to them in a motor launch.  We leave you to rig the boat and come back and see how you did.  You must be able to bend on a jib and tie basic knots.   Then, we sail with you.  Once you cast free, you must pivot the boat away from the wind before you do anything else.   You must remain in our mooring field at all times.  You must do at least one tack and at least one jibe, although you can do more of either/both.  You must sail the boat back to the mooring, even if it takes numerous attempts.  We might also ask you to peform a MOB drill, or to heave to and/or reef your mainsail.  Unless the boat is going out again later, you must still put the boat back to bed, even if you failed the checkout.

For charts, we expect you to be able to identify universal symbols and conventions on US charts.  If we point to a symbol for a navigation aid, you should be able to describe roughly what you will see from afar before you reach the navigation aid.  We don't care what you call it - just that if you see a symbol, you know what to expect it to look like.  You should also be able to identify symbols for shoals, rocks, and other hazards.  Naturally, understanding depth soundings is critical. 

Generally, you don't need to know how to plot a course or lat/lon coordinates, but should be familiar with direction on a chart and very rough distance measurements.  We want you to be able to "pilot" well, or navigate with regular reference to navigation aids, landmarks, and prominent aspects of the local geography.  If not, you're on a tight leash or don't go out.

If you can sail our smaller boats that have engines but cannot operate the engine, you can sail without using the engine but it will be disabled and rate will be the same.

Not ready to rent?
We offer Captained charters as well.  Our Captains are also certified Sailing Instructors.
Contact us for details and rates.

Beneteau 21 half day: $135 full: $245
Tanzer 22 half day: $160 full: $295 overnight/weekend: contact us
Pearson 26 half day: $190 full: $345 overnight/weekend: "  "

Rates are subject to change without notice, although once you've made a reservation, the price in effect at that time is what you pay.  If we lower the rate, you will receive the lower rate.

Security deposit: $500 (credit card authorization in advance or cash upon arrival).
Rental Payment: cash only, before departure.
Reservations: we recommend reserving by mid week for a weekend reservation, and a day or two in advance for weekdays.
We supply: CG & NY State required gear, VHF radio, and laminated charts.
You supply: appropriate clothing, water, and food.  Alcohol may be brought & consumed sparingly.  If you arrive with more alcohol than water, or just plain too much alcohol, we will not rent to you.  Be prepared to open your bags and show us, or don't schedule the rental! Proper boating shoes are mandatory.  That includes Keds and Converse style sneakers with white or brown soles, but nothing with dark soles!  Don't show up with them - you'll waste a trip.
Refunds: only given if a breakdown occurs less than half-way through the rental and prevents you from continuing with the rental.  Otherwise, you get a credit for a future rental for half the rental fee.


1. Read everything above.
2. Send an e-mail describing your sailing experience.  Include the following:

  • Number of years you've been sailing.
  • The longest gap in your sailing "career."
  • How frequently you've sailed this season, and on what type of boats.
  • How frequently you sailed last season. on on what type of boats.
  • Whether you've had formal training - if so, give details, including the type of boat used, and whether you achieved any certification.
  • Description of any rental/charter experience; you can break that down amongst your first few answers above.
Tell us whether you have actually done the following:
  • reefing while underway
  • heaving to
  • MOB drills
  • sailing off and on moorings
  • anchoring
  • piloting/navigation/chart training
  • using a chart while operating a boat
After we receive your message, we'll write back and let you know if we think you should come for the chekcout or not.  Include a phone number so we can call you back if that seems more expedient.

DON'T CALL before sending that first e-mail - we'll just refer you to this page.  Follow up questions can come later after we've replied.

Many people fail the checkout, hence all the above.  This is to avoid wasting your time and ours.  Keep in mind that failing the checkout doesn't make you a "failure" at sailing - it simply means we think you need to learn one or more essential skills, or to practice more,  before skippering a boat.  If you come on out for a checkout, view it as an assessment and learning experience and you'll take something away from it even if you "fail."

Thanks -
(Director & "Dockmaster")


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