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$575 gets you the whole late summer and fall - the season's best sailing!
(Full season is $1475)
Or: pay for next season now, and get this late summer/fall for free!
If you want to sail frequently,
get a great value, and have other people to sail with...

our Sailing Club is the answer!

It's also FREE for one year if you sign up for 4 certification courses, Learn-to-Sail through Coastal Navigation!  Get a complete sailing and cruising education - practice and expand your horizons for free!
Click here for details.)

Eastchester Bay and Western Long Island Sound offer some the best sailing waters in the region.  You're already in these waters before you even cast off your mooring!  No time is wasted getting to enjoyable, productive areas to sail - a pitfall of most other schools and clubs.  Regardless of the wind direction, there's a great itinerary just waiting for you.  It's what makes sailing and cruising instruction at our school so productive and enjoyable, too.

Club sailing is fairly common in sailing schools these days.  Why choose a club plan as opposed to renting?  And why OUR club plan?

Let's see now, why a club plan...

Value.  If you sail often, you pay much less than a per-rental rate.  It's better than owning for many people, as they don't have to deal with maintenance, insurance, or find...

Someone to sail with.  Many people have trouble scaring up crew to share the cost of a rental and just help out.  With a club, you can meet many other sailors and make new friends.  Plus, they're available to join you for...

Special activities.  Some club plans (not all) organize occasional special activities that enhance the value of your membership.  These can include flotilla trips, moonlight sails, dock 'n dine trips, shoreside parties, and even races.

Okay, now why NY Sailing's plan...

Unlimited sailing.  Sail as much as you want!  No limits on how many times you sail, and very reasonable reservation policies.  During the week, you get unlimited guest privileges, too, with reasonable weekend guest privileges.  If you're "skipper" rated, you don't even have to sail with other club members if there's room for just you and your guest/s!  Our "Last Minute" reservation policies let you and your guests get out even more.  Skipper and crew members pay the same dues, and crew have equal opportunity to steer, trim, etc.  Everyone gets equal time.

Evening & night sailing.  Want to sail in the evening, or even at night?  Any night of the week?  We're your Club.  No one else offers this.

Moorings, not docks.  Regardless of wind direction, it's always a cinch to pick up your mooring.  The Club's two diesel launches whisk you in and out comfortably and safely.  (If you haven't used moorings, we'll teach you how.)

Overnights: a NY Sailing exclusive!  If you have Basic Cruising certification, you can take our boats with engines out overnight!  If you have Bareboat, you can take a boat out for a long weekend!  There's no extra charge.  Bring your own guests, sign up with other club members, or ask us to help you mix & match.  The value of this special privilege alone would pay for your membership in a couple of trips!
Need to take the course to take advantage?  We'll set up a package deal for you.  Contact us to discuss.

No blackout days.  Many clubs are closed one, even two days per week.  Our fleet is available to you 7 days per week.

Longer season.  We're open from late April through early November - sometimes even earlier & later depending on weather.

Value.  You get more for your money.  We give you more days to sail, more hours, more special opportunities and activities, more potential for discounts on your sailing - and we give this all to you in a superior sailing environment.   Why spend 50 to 100% more to sail in a poor location, or with no evening hours, or with no overnights, or live with days of the week you cannot sail - or all of the above?  For that matter, why spend a little less sacrifice some or all of our special benefits?  There's certainly no value to paying an initiation fee elsewhere for the right to then pay your membership fee!  Add our Club discount to the mix, and unless you've taken all the courses or destination trips you will ever take, our value becomes even greater.
How's this for value:
Your club membership is FREE if you sign up for 4 certification courses from Learn-to-Sail through Coastal Navigation!
Click here for details.)


-enjoying a sunset sail aboard our Hunter 25.5.


Location.  We've said it before, but will say it again: we have the best and most versatile sailing grounds of any club or school in the region.  Don't take our word for it: take a ride with us! (Contact us to arrange this for free.) We're plenty accessible, too.  Don't spend almost as much time travelling around Manhattan, or to Jersey City, as you would to get to City Island and the gateway to Long Island Sound - only to waste any time saved by a shorter trip just getting out to productive sailing waters (and then back again, later)! Tell use where you live, and whether you're using public or driving.  We'll tell you how to get here and how long it takes.  We can usually pick you up from the subway too.

Experience.  Our family started doing this in the mid-sixties.  In fact, we began with a sailing club before we started our first sailing school!  This is an owner-operated business, just as our first school was.  We have more real, hands-on experience than perhaps any other operator.

Variety of boats.  We have a fleet of Beneteau First 21.0's, as well as several larger cruiser/racers with engines.  All are fun, seaworthy sailing vessels that will help you further develop your sailing skills.  Assuming you have appropriate experience and training, you can skipper any of the boats, and there's no surcharge for the larger ones!  There's even the opportunity to do overnight trips, at no extra charge.  To get ready for that, you might want to take advantage of our...

Discount on courses.  Club members save 10% on any of our courses and clinics - including early bookings for our destination trips in the British Virgin Islands, Italy, Greece, and other locations, for which Club members will get special early announcement before the general public and other customers.  If you're already a New York Sailing Center graduate, you get 10% off already, so we'll give you an extra 5% on local certification courses  for a total of 15%!

Outstanding facility.  Our new home at the Stuyvesant Yacht Club affords spacious lounge areas, large, clean bathrooms and showers, parking, 2nd and 3rd story views over Eastchester Bay and the Western Sound (see the afternoon sea breeze developing from Long Island before anyone else can!), on-site restaurant and bar with commanding water views, large gazebo by the water for shade and rain protection while watching the boats go by, etc, etc.

Club members save 10% on any of our courses and clinics - including early bookings for our destination trips in the Caribbeand and Mediterranean.

Better yet:
Want to join for free?  Sign up for these courses at the full price, and your membership is free for one year!
  • Start Sailing  (learn-to-Sail/Basic Keelboat): $795
  • Start Cruising  (Basic Coastal Cruising): $595
  • Start Bareboating  (Bareboat Charter): $695
  • Start Navigating  (Coastal Navigation): $495


    You must pay for all four courses in advance, but you can take them any time later.  Free club sailing begins the weekend after you finish your practice sailing sessions without an instructor that come after your Start Sailing course.  This way, you get the full benefit of the membership.  How kewl is that?


    One of our Beneteau First 21.0's in City Island Harbor.

-a view from the mouth of Manhasset Bay.  Sun is setting over City Island.


CLUB DUES:  $1475


Membership is for the boating season in which you join, and by joining, you agree to pay the relevant dues as outlined below.If dues are paid in full up front, you save $100 (does not apply to specials, pro-rated memberships, etc).



Installment plan: 50% down, 25% in one month from signing up, and final 25% balance one month later.

Immediate family discount: 50% off for as many as you wish to enroll, whenever they enroll.  This is defined as married, or immediate relative (parent, sibling, or child), residing in the same household, and solely at the discretion of NY Sailing center.
Friends & other family joining together: 20% off each if signing up at same time.
Discounts cannot be combined.


Skipper: those competent to skipper our boats, whether graduates of our school, certified graduates of other schools, or with comparable experience and skills.  The type of boat a skipper can reserve will correspond to their experience and certification level.  See more details under boats.

Crew: those not competent to skipper a boat. Crew members must have taken a basic sailing course, or have comparable experience, to join.  Meeting these prerequisites does not necessarily qualify a member to be skipper versus crew.

Membership dues are the same for both skipper and crew.

Everyone gets equal time!  The distinction between skipper and crew is whether you can be in charge of the boat - not whether you get to steer equally (or trim sails, etc) - you do!


We also include a quick checkout of your sailing skills to determine if we can allow you to act as skipper, and on which boats.


Weekdays - unlimited, as long as other members are not displaced.  Otherwise, 1 one guest permitted each time.  No requirement to sail with another member: if you're the only one available, and you can bring someone reasonably capable of helping out, you can go if you're skipper rated.  If you're crew rated, you must sail with another skipper member.

Weekends: members get 6 weekend guest passes; allowing one person at a time with each pass.  If there is extra room on the day of the reservation, you may bring as many guests as there is room for on the boat for which you hold a spot, without using any of your passes.  We will allow more frequent guest uses on weekends as long as space permits and we're not turning away other Club members.

The Club's goal is to provide maximum sailing time and value to members, so we do not allow unlimited guest privileges.  Also, we do not allow you to pay for extra guest privileges, as this will only defeat the purpose of the club and the money will not go back into the pockets of displaced members.  However, if there's room on a boat, we're very flexible with guest privileges and last-minute reservations.  We believe that the limits in place are a reasonable balance that will benefit the entire membership.


  • Three Beneteau First 21.0's with 110 genoas and 'storm' jibs (portable 3.5 horse o/b's available)
  • Seafarer 26 with in board diesel and roller furling jib & genoa
  • Pearson 26 with 4 stroke electric high-thrust o/b, tiller and roller furling
  • Cal 27 with inboard Atomic 4, roller furling, Dutchman main, head & holding tank
  • Pearson 31 with diesel, wheel, roller furling, propane oven/range, pressurized water, and head
  • C&C 33 MKI with wheel & roller furling
  • Pearson 10M (33 feet) with inboard diesel, wheel steering, head

We reserve the right to replace fleet boats with comparable substitutions.  We do not guarantee that all boats will be operable at all times, and make no guarantee of the availability or functioning of outboard or inboard engines.  Notwithstanding the above, every effort will be made to ensure that a sufficient number of boats is available to comfortably accommodate club demand.  If membership grows to the point that capacity is strained, the Club will add suitable boats to the fleet.

MEMBERS PER BOAT: maximum of four to five, depending on size and grouping.  Minimum: can be just you singlehanding once we know you can do it.


Skippers with Basic Cruising or higher certification can overnight on vessels with engines (including the Beneteaus if temporarily equipped with an outboard).  Skippers with Bareboat or higher can overnight for up to three days/two nights on vessels with inboard diesels.  In some cases, Coastal Navigation certifiation will be requried.  It will depend on your proposed itinerary and the number and experience of guests.  CoNav will not required for overnights to Manhasset Bay or Hempstead (where you can dock 'n dine at Louie's Oyster Bar & Grill, Marino's, or Steamboat Landing, then drop a hook or grab a mooring for the night - or, if you're feeling lazy, you can pay to stay at the dock.  That's a nice splurge sometimes, but as these are protected harbors, anchoring is a cinch.

Overnight trips are private; if you are a skipper and you book an overnight, we will not add other members to your boat.  You choose who comes along.  However, any two or more members can choose to sign up together for overnight trips, as long as there is one skipper aboard with sufficient certification.  Also, you can request to be paired up with others needing skipper or crew for overnights, and while we make no guarantee of finding a match, we will endeavor to find other members for you to go with.


N.b.: when you reserve a session, you do not have to use the full session.  You may arrive late and/or leave early.  The full session you reserved is available for you.

Weekdays: two sessions.  10-2 and 2-6.

Night sailing: Once checked out and you're cleared to do this, you can sail up until just before midnight.  (Launch service ends at midnight so you have to hail for a pickup and be ready to board the launch BEFORE the stroke of midnight.)   If you want to return later, you must check with the Director (accessible by text for this) to get approved.  Then, you can return anytime you want.  The Club has reciprocity with a neighboring facility for midnight - 8am service and you'll be advised how to contact them for service.

For our Beneteaus, there are two sessions when we're not full, and three sessions when we are.
Two-sessions: 9-3, and 3-9. 
Three sessions: 9-1, 1-5, & 5-9.
If we book you for a longer 2-session schedule, and we're filling up, 
For the other boats: two sessions - 10-3:30 and 4 to 9.
Overnights (if qualified): take the vessel sometime during the 4-9 session, and return it by 10am the next morning.

Flexibility in hours: as long as it doesn't affect members who have reserved adjacent sessions, you can set your own hours.


Done by phone or e-mail; confirmation by us required.

Weekdays: there is no limit on reservations; you may make as many as you want as far in advance as you want.  However, we do not guarantee availability if you do not make them 48 hours or more in advance.  You must cancel at least 24 hours in advance.  as weekdays are generally much less busy than weekends, there is no guarantee that other members will be available to go with you.  If that is the case, a lone skipper can take guests, but crew members cannot go without a skipper member.

Weekends: You can reserve no more than 2 weeks in advance and hold no more than two reservations at a time.  Once you use at least one reservation, you can make another.  You can change reservations at will, as long as you do so at least 24 hours in advance.  If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, or fail to show, you forfeit one reservation within two weeks of the end of the session you missed.

If you try to make a weekend reservation, but we are either full or no other members sign up 24 hours or more before the session (and you aren't qualified to go on your own with a guest), you may carry another reservation within the next 3 weeks.

"Last Minute" reservations
You can join a boat without an advance reservation on a "last minute" basis if there is room as follows - if by 5pm the day before a morning or mid-day session, or if by 11am on the day of an evening session.  These do not affect your reservations on the books, and there is no limit to how often you take advantage of this.  See related provisions under Guests.

N.B: These provisions are intended to help ensure good average availability of spaces for other members, not to deter you from sailing.  The idea behind our club plan is to encourage active participation.  We will endeavor to get you out sailing whenever possible, and will be as flexible as possible in enforcing the reservation and guest provisions without displacing other members.  For example, if we have plenty of room on the schedule you can carry extra reservations further in advance.

SECURITY DEPOSITS and other doom & gloom scenarios...

Each member must supply a credit card to be authorized for a security deposit before their first sail.  The amount of the initial authorization is $250, but in the event of damage that is not ordinary wear and tear as determined by club, the amount charged to the members card on file will be the estimated damage divided by the number of members on board, up to the limit of Club's insurance deductible (currently $500 for hull policy and $1000 for liability, and subject to change without notice if Club changes insurance).  The initial authorization of $250 is not to be considered an accord in satisfaction unless the combined charges cover the damage, or the Club's insurance deductible, whichever is greater.  If Club's insurance denies responsibility for the claim, each member is responsible for all damages, jointly and severally, up to the value of the vessel.  In the event of gross negligence, willful misconduct, or other irresponsible behaviour or use of the vessel, or violation of club rules for use of boats as provided to members upon joining, the member or members responsible shall be fully responsible for all damages and Club will charge the member or members cards for the full value of all damages, regardless of insurance coverage.  If a member's card is declined, this will not absolve that member from their responsibility under this provision.

A Member's privileges will be suspended if they do not pay their installment dues or if they do not pay for damages as required above.  Club may take any legal action to recover monies due to Club for dues or damages, and Member expressly agrees to be responsible for reasonable legal fees incurred by Club in recovery.

Club dues and initiation fees are non-refundable with no exceptions.  If you become unable to continue sailing due to a new medical condition or injury, solely as determined by the Club, you have two options.  You can either:
1. Suspend your membership until such time as you are able to continue, and resume your membership privileges for the amount of time you were not able to use them.  The Club will have sole discretion to make all determinations regarding this provision.
2. Transfer or sell the remaining term of your membership.  The purchaser or transferee will be responsible for a new initiation checkout fee if relevant.  We will try to help you find someone to take over your membership, but are not obligated to do so.


The club will organize occasional club activities such as the following:

  • Moon light sails and evening sails (with an instructor on at least one boat)
  • Races
  • Dock 'n dine excursions for lunch or dinner (everyone pays for their own food & drink)
  • Club mixers on the waterfront
  • Destination trips where club members get early announcement, first choice of spaces, and a discount for early booking.
  • Educational seminars & clinics
Guest privileges for these activities will be on a space-available basis, with details announced when the activity is.

There is no additional charge for local events except for your share of food & drink on dock 'n dine excursions.  Each member/guest will pay for what they ordered, but everyone will split the tax and tip.  This is simple and fair.  Members must bring cash for settling up as multiple credit and debit cards are awkward.

Local events will made available to non-members as room permits.  Destination trips are open to anyone who is a good fit as determined by the Sailing Center, but members will still get the early announcement and early-booking discounts above.

The information above is intended as a descrption and summary of our club plan.  For complete details, read our membership application in full.

Still "on board?" Contact us to request a membership application, or to request more information!

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